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During past years FLY-ZONE.net has seen significant growth. From selling fishing flies we developed to your one stop fly shop for almost any freshwater application. On top of that you can even find quite some stuff to accomplish your needs for saltwater and 2handed fishing.

But still we follow our principles: It's not our goal to offer every product that can be found on the market, or being the cheapest shop around - it's our goal to be your reliable partner of choice who supports you with honest service not only motivated by making a good margin. This is why we focus on a relatively small assortment of products - we offer products we've tested and that are ready to make your fishing a joy.


Fly Rods & Reels

You may find detailed info on our key brands Mystic and Galvan in the top bar. Besides these we trust in TFO fly rods for many years now. They joined us on many trips and have never let us down. For the upcoming 2018 season we're excited to see the performance of the new SAGE rod and reel arsenal. Let's go...  

Fly Lines & Leaders

When it comes to fly lines, we're a fan of the big 3: Airflo, Cortland and Rio. You simply cannot imagine any fishing situation that is not perfectly matched by at least one line from these companies. Most likely you will have to choose from a bunch...and we're here to help you out!  

In terms of leaders we trust in German technology provided by Stroft and Maxima fishing lines. Simply the ebst monofilament and fluorocarbon out there - not to mention their verry fair pricing...

Equipment & Accessories

Impossible to name every useful tool that's listed in our shop. But we surely want to highlight the awesome RisingFish Brookie and Lunker nets that we happily import directly from Utah. They simply ad a solid amount of style and quaity to any equipment. A wide selection of Loon products and Patagonia clothing and bags is mandatory aswell, of course... 


This is where we started. Selling high quality fishing flies was the initial idea behind FLY-ZONE.net back in the days. And of course this will still be a big thing in future. Our new collection is ready to go! It's fully made of quality products and sports modern pattern developed by ourselves or our partners. They are proven to catch fish and all our flies are tied in Germany. Especially for you.

Fly Tying

Our wide selection of barbless hooks from many well known brands like Dohiku, Gamakatsu, Hends, Tiemco and Varivas has been widely recognized in the past and will be the center of the carefully composed assortment of tying products you will find on FLY-ZONE.net mkIII. Without a doubt it's impossible to suite any fly tiers need, but we really try to setup something that covers all basic requirements...and maybe some more 🙂

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