Galvan Fly Reels - Made in California

We are fishing Galvan fly reels on our owns for many years now. They have totally convinced us, long before we started These reels are just performing day by day. The legendary Torque was introduced by Galvan in 2006 and has been their best seller ever since.

Such a story would for sure not have been possible, if those reels would not go hand in hand with unmatched quality and a┬átimelessly beautiful design. When most of the big brands continously flood the market with new marketing campaigns claiming to have invented the true game changer reel(yes yes, this time it’s true, for real..), Galvan is keeping it professional by relying on their proven products…

Of course all the other Galvan reels are made with the same goal – to create the best possible product. The newest addition to the Galvan family is the stunning Grip: In our opinion, this is simply the best fly reel for salt and 2handed fishing. Period!

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