Maier & Fazis Vise - Made in Germany

We’re so proud to have all the Maier & Fazis products in our lineup and to be their distribution partner for international sales. This has nothing to do with any kind of patriotism, it’s just because these vises are the best we can imagine.

Maier & Fazis is mostly known for the MF SpeedVise – the only vise you need. It enables you to ty more efficiant, flexible and faster. By combining the SpeedVise with several available MF TubeHeads and the MF JointAxis, you’ll get a tying system which is capable to handle all your needs! You don’t have to agree to any compromise when choosing that vise…

Apart from that, the MF BasicVise gives you an easy to use, yet innovative vise with a classy design at an incredible price.

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