Mystic Fly Rods - Made in Colorado

Mystic Outdoors does not stand for any kind of romantic fairy tale or occult clan. Sorry for that. But instead Mystic is the brand who became the American epitome of quality fly rods that don’t break the bank in the past ten years.

In fact Mystic is manufacturing most of their rods in the USA and does not have to fear any comparison to products of more established brands. All rods shine with pleasing elegant design, quality components and cracking performance that is precisly adjusted to the type of fishing the rod is made for. At Mystic it’s not the goal to produce the most fancy, or trendy rods – it’s the goal to make the best fishing tools. And so these rods are well balanced, hard-wearing and a joy to cast…

Formerly based in Michigan, Mystic has recently lain the foundaitions for further growth by moving into a new headquarter in Englewood, Colorado. We’re really convinced that Mystic is going to be a popular brand on our homewaters pretty soon aswell.

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