Patagonia - the Cleanest Line

“Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.”

Such corporate mission stands out for sure! Okay – Patagonia is no NPO. But in our opinion, it’s a remarkable strategy to go the ‘more expensive way’, or the ‘not so easy path’ to save planet and manhood from unnecessary harm. Environmentalism is not just a marketing issue at Patagonia, there are loads of chances to prove that – just think of the Recycling-Polyester, phthalate-free inks in textile manufacturing, or Patagonias advice to their own clients: “If it’s broke, fix it.” Furthermore the company from Ventura is spending huge numbers on conservation projects accrosss the globe and supports fair work conditions along the full supply chain.

That approach has inspired ourselves a lot and it is why we’ve chosen Patagonia as our partner when it comes to reliable clothing, waders and bags. The great quality and the industries best warranty are without a doubt good arguments, too…

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